Hospital marketing is challenging to say the least. You can’t really inspire people to visit a hospital. You know they won’t. All you need to do is, subtly but consciously market your brand to stay relevant and approachable. Here are 8 great tips to help you create brand awareness on the Online space for your hospital (clinic / diagnostic centre included) with minimum investments.

How to market your Hospital Brand with great 8 tips

1. Get a Responsive Website

The first thing most potential patients will try to do is go through your website (until and unless it is an emergency and your hospital happens to be the nearest) and find out as much about your hospital as possible, online. So don’t just build a website that displays information about your hospital and your Doctors, but try building delight features like online OPD appointments, service satisfaction scores. Online can be great way to get appointment visits (well emergency cases will gravitate towards your hospital for obvious reasons) be it for health checkups or diagnostics. Focus on giving patients useful health information to take better care of themselves and their family. It’s a great idea to post short videos about preventive care.

2. Use Social Media Well

The world is on social media. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn and the likes are the virtual places where you can reach to create brand awareness with potential patients (customers) as well as attract talent (even Drs. / Nurses / non-medical staff are all on social media). Appearing on social news feeds often will go a long way in keeping your brand in the mind of the users. Interesting posts keep people interested. You are in the most advantageous position to generate useful and credible health tips. And people read, remember, like & share useful tips and their source.

3. Don’t Underestimate the Power of SEO

You know your potential consumer is going to hit Google, right? When your potential patient (or his / her kin) searches for best healthcare procedure you want your hospital’s website to feature on the first page. This is the job that Search Engine Optimization (SEO) does for you.

Truly speaking, a great SEO is the best ROI for your marketing investment. It is prudent to work with a hospital marketing agency which offers web development, content development and SEO all under single roof. This brings in accountability and action focus and saves you from the mundane co-ordination job between multiple vendors.

4. Stress on Internal Marketing too

That’s right. Every employee of your hospital is your spokesperson. Get your HR Head to make the employee experience at your hospital great and get them talking good things about the hospital. Housekeeping, Maintenance, Catering, Nursing, Insurance, Billing are all too important from the patient’s point of view. They are all assets to market your hospital to the world and create that differentiation for you vis a vis your competitors.

5. Give Patients a Chance to Say Wow

Branding is not what you tell your customers, it’s what they tell each other about you. Enhance patient care, and they are sure to remember it for a long time. Give them care and attention and they will speak for you. Start a rating Get your Operations Head to work towards giving the patient an exceptional experience. Nothing works better than Word of Mouth.

6. Shoot Emails

Emails are effective. Get your IT team to maintain a subscriber email list and share helpful informative emails based on the patient’s illness. It tells your patients that you care for them even after they leave your hospital. Maintaining communication with useful, helpful and high value information is key to building a good hospital brand.

7. Showcase

Get your good work out there as testimonials, videos, patient stories etc. Post on your website, post and re-post on social media, show it on the LED screens in the hospital waiting areas. Talk about break through treatments in interviews, conferences and public forums.

8. Automate your operations

The patient and the family is already stressed when they are in a hospital. Use the lens of patients and care givers to design your internal Hospital Information Systems. We are in the business of of giving superior and hassles free healthcare experience to our patients. So your priority has to be to automate as many areas of hospital as you can and link them all to create a dashboard for the patient under single patient id. You may decide to expose a few of these areas to the patient and others may be kept out of bound. But this simple philosophy will ensure that all your teams will look only in one direction – Patient Care.


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