Ever wondered how seamlessly easy it is for you to go to an online store, browse through the categories, place an order, pay, and it gets delivered to you in a matter of few days? If you have not thought about the process, then think about it right now. Think of how convenient it is to shop online instead of going to a store in person.

While you can create a website using HTML or WordPress, etc., e-commerce stores are a different ball game altogether. To create an e-commerce store and provide you the convenience and ease we were talking about, e-commerce platforms such as Shopify, BigCommerce, PrestaShop, WooCommerce, and of course, none other than Magento itself is used. These platforms are what make online stores such a breeze for customers to shop!

But you are here to learn exactly about Magento, right? Great. You’re onto one of the best platforms out there that can empower you to create online stores that can rival Amazon and eBay.

What is Magento?

Magento is an open source built-in PHP, which helps the programmer create eCommerce websites. It first released on March 31, 2008, by Varien and developed on the platform of Zend Framework.

Till date, there are hundreds of thousands of businesses using this open source to start their online store including big ones like Nike, Samsung, etc.

Magento has become one of the world’s leading solutions: 26% of the best e-commerce websites use Magento as reliable when compared to other PHP platforms.

Why should you use Magento?

Open Source Platform

Magento permits users and their developer team to flexibly customize, modify or extend the source code for more advanced functions or default feature optimization. Furthermore, Magento also has full adaptability with installing extensions which are developed to fulfill business demands as well as improve customer experience instead of interfering with the source code.

Rich Features

Magento features organize an entire business with most of the essential functions to operate a store from scratch to the end process. On the other hand, Magento allows business owners to freely take advantage of this diversity of Magento features to utilize business efficiency and store management.

High Scalability

Magento is very highly scalable, which means that Magento can support all kinds of business size, from a very small to giant enterprises.

Let us say, for example, you start your business on a smaller scale with a limited number of products, but Magento does allow us to broaden your business scale with an unlimited number of products.

High Security

When it involves Magento, security is surely guaranteed at the highest level to make sure that websites are under the full of safety for the entire time.

Magento establishes a security center to continuously provide users with every information about security, security patches, security updates, and practices as well as quick support in need.

SEO Friendliness

Magento supports users with adequate SEO components to enhance ranking on SERPs such as sitemaps (HTML and XML) URL rewrites, metadata, etc. Especially, Magento has much to offer with out-of-the-box tools that you might not be able to readily find in other platforms.

High Performance

In the perspective of web site performances, Magento is worth becoming one of the pioneer platforms in efforts to offer quality performance and enhance best user experience as much as possible.

Fast page speed loading along with simultaneously effective processing query time make the website perform better than ever, motivate customers to explore content or products in the web page and moreover reduce page abandonment rate as well as increase conversion rate.

Good Mobile Experience

In the era of mobile as these days, Magento is proactively keeping track with this common global trend by providing an E-commerce platform with high mobile friendliness. Websites designed on Magento is responsive not solely on the desktop however additionally also on the mobile and other currently popular devices such as tablets or notebooks.

Customers can either conveniently go shopping or experience all Magento websites on the mobiles without worries about display or purchase issues. All that it offers in the desktop is properly customized and optimized with the mobile interface. Therefore, when the entire world seems to be toward mobile shopping or mobile reading, Magento plays a more and more significant role in improving customer experience by offering store owners a multi-responsive website on all devices.


We hope that the 7 listed reasons mentioned above may help you – new store owners to take careful consideration and make smart decisions to develop your websites on the Magento platform. It guarantees to bring you interesting experience alongside with much more benefits for your business with an awesome array of features Magento has to offer.