Recently while developing a chat bot for one of our clients, we did some research and found some interesting facts from the Botsphere. Here are 6 Must Know Facts.

1. Bots are already doing a great job of answering a lot of FAQ’s(frequently asked questions) in whole lot of websites and web platforms. Many of the repetitive instructions in terms of navigation through the long forms, online payment e.t.c are handled accurately and efficiently by the Bots. Reporting Company quarterly earnings is a perfect assignment for a Bot, because it requires a lot of precision in number reading and doesn’t require any creative syntax. This means a lot of call centre seats in Airlines, IRCTC, Insurance Companies e.t.c will soon be taken over by Bots without salary. In our estimate about 50% of the jobs in the low end of telecalling will get shaved off once Machine Learning and AI will enable voice to these Bots.

2. Siri, Alexa, Google Lens, Google Assistant are all Bots made of machine learning. They may look cool and trendy today. But soon they will be replaced by advanced Bots capable of reading, listening, talking, seeing and doing in one place. Google has already released Cloud TPU recently. Auto MO is an effort from Google to leverage the power of thousands of developers across the world to accelerate this process multiple times.

3. So be prepared to have smarter Bots in the future(maybe in 2 to 3 years time) who could probably blog or teach quadratic equations to high schoolers. So many jobs like telesales, customer service will have Bots taking over. Teachers will still be around. However they may have a Bot assistant.

4. These Bots will be neural and therefore will be far more cognitive and intuitive in their interaction. The interactions with them would be customized based on your language preference, your voice preference(male/female) and would be interactive.

5. Going forward, we may all have our phone Bots talking to the Bank Bots and doing many transactions with Bank, Repair Garage, Grocery e.t.c without human interaction. So my Bot will speak to yours. My Bot will be smarter than yours. We shall flaunt our Bots. Will Bots have miscommunication, confusion, ego clashes etal needs to be seen.

6. This won’t make us – the homosapians any less in demand. On the contrary, we will give ourselves a promotion Many of follow-up chores will be handled by the denizens of the Bot kingdom. Creative thinking, Feeling and Wanting – the 3 key functions of our brain will continue to be happily performed by us.